Text Box: Logtron Research & Engineering Corp.
Text Box: A novel Flashlight of revolutionary concept:
Stereoscopic view with uniform illumination of the whole scene, front and peripheral viewing areas
Clear and detailed sight over a half sphere or a solid angle of 6.5 sr. (steradians) without high contrast areas or blinding spots 
2,150 lm (lumen) of light intensity or approximately equivalent to an 135 W incandescent bulb 
Increased Energy Efficiency done by electronic switching of the LEDs which leads to less power drawn from the battery
Illuminates continuously 2 times longer than a regular flashlight
Long life cycle from 50,000 to 100,000 hours of operation
Selective Control for Panoramic View or, Left-Right and Up-Down illumination control without repositioning, and Flood or Torch modes of operation (optional)
Great for outdoors or indoors, where frontal and peripheral visibility are important for safety and for effective identification of surroundings 
An important tool in the hands of the law enforcement officers, hunters,  fire fighters, nature lovers or maintenance personnel
Complete identification of any target within the half sphere area of visibility

2,150 lm

Stereoscopic View FLASHLIGHT

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